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HD3000 0x0116 no QE/CI

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Hi there,


Recently, I have updated to 10.8.3 and everything seems to be OK (I got full resolution, no artifacts, VGA output) except QE/CI. I tried many many many kexts, but still no acceleration. Is there any other possible way to get full acceleration? DSDT maybe? I really don't know where the problem could be, I've read many guides about getting fully working HD3000, but noone solved my problem.


Thank you and sorry for my creepy english.


My spec: Asus K53s (i3 2310m, HD3000 0x0116)

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Thank you, I've already tried guides you posted, but problem persists.


System information shows 384 Mb, but when I try to install LogicPro it says that my system has 0 Mb VRAM and no QE.


According to screensaver preview I can say that CI probably working.


Is it possible that my pc doesn't meet requirements for QE?

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