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Lenovo Y560 Screen (Colors) messes up after wake up.(50second video included)

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Hi all,


My hackintosh works quite well.

Also it goes to sleep without problem.

Problem is when i wake it up, graphics break up.

Can you help me?




i7-740qm Nahelem

ATI Radeon 5730HD 1GB

8gb Kingstones

60gb ssd + 500gb 7200rpm disk


And the video of the problem.


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unfortunatly i cannot see your posted video but i guess we have the same problem. I have installed 10.8.4, sleep doesnt work (goes to sleep, but i can't get it to wake up) instead if the monitor sleeps and after i move the mouse the image it's all fuzzy and whatnot! (same thing happens on Mavericks 10.9 DP4/5)


my Y560 version is the one with i5 430M and switchable graphics. did you managed to get it to work after all?

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