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Need some assistance with iPad 2 issues.


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Hello all, I have a bit of a serious issue with an iPad 2, and I'm at wits end. Since I primarily work with Android devices, I'm catching up on my iOS knowledge....


Here's the situation from start to finish:


I have an iPad 2 Wifi only. Long story short, I had to replace the battery, screen, dock connector and digitizer due to an accident that I'd rather not elaborate on. I'll upload some pictures later maybe.


My sister, being my sister, did a number of things that made this situation difficult. 1) She couldn't, or wouldn't tell me the password to get into it. 2) She never ran a software update on it from her computer. 3) It broke. Things she touches, at least, electronics, tend to break.


So, being my tech savvy self, I threw it into Recovery Mode, downloaded the latest update, and reflashed it to 6.1.3. What a disaster that turned into. I'm not sure quite what caused the issue, because it happens regardless of the sync cable I use or firmware I try to put on it.


Currently, the iPad just enters a reboot loop. On the rare occasion I can keep it on long enough to hit the system preferences, I can get into the logs, and I see a CRC ERR being reported, over and over and over. I do the reset again, no change, just CRC ERR again. The funny thing was that when I first put the thing back together, it worked, no CRC ERR, no reboot loop, just locked out. Now, this iPad is finally home from college, so I'm not sure if she even knows the password, or if her friends were playing some cruel joke on her.


In all of my reading last night, I found that if I want to try and reflash the device to iOS v5.1.1, I need a blob. Well, I don't have one, nor do I think I would be able to get one. I couldn't find any online, and I was looking pretty hard. I can't even seem to find a way to reliably jailbreak it, because the iPad doesn't stay on long enough for any app to recognize it.


I didn't put it all back together yet, so taking it apart isn't a big deal still, but I'm stumped. it's the iPad2,1 if that makes any difference. I'd like to flash it back to 5.1.1 and see if that makes any difference, but currently, I can't do a thing with it. Any thoughts? It's long out of warranty, I'm not going to waste my time with the Genius Bar because I'm not going to pay someone an ungodly amount of money for this (that already happened once when it was bought), I just want to try and get it working again. I'm at wits end, if anyone has any idea of how I could get it working, or any way to troubleshoot the CRC ERR, I'd really appreciate it. I know it's not a loose connection, I cleaned it pretty good, but at this point, I'm not going to replace the logic board in it, I've spent enough money getting this far, I'll be rather annoyed if it's for nothing, between all of the parts, none of them are exactly returnable. I have OS X/Windows/Linux at my disposal, whatever works is what I'm happy with.


Anyway, any thoughts or tips would be great, I'm not in a complete rush, but I'd like to get it working again eventually...I have an Asus TF-101, but my sister is really whiney when her iGadgets break (purely her own doing, she also managed to completely a kill an iPhone 3G).





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