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Salve a tutti

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Ne approfitto per fare un saluto alla community pure qui :)


Sono iscritto da un po` di tempo, anche se fin'ora ho bazzicato principalmente nella sezione inglese del sito (soprattutto da lurker).


Un saluto a tutti, ci becchiamo in giro :)

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    • i tested root/i386/booter. i mistaked it. i see. booter files is located in user's specific folder name "Netinstall de Installer macOS High Sierra.nbi" like you mentioned. it's hard. it's not strict. if user use folder name only "Netinstall de Installer macOS High Sierra.nbi", Clover can detect it. but if there are cases like this "macOS High Sierra.nbi", "Netinstall Installer macOS High Sierra.nbi". etc, can't detect.  also your lang not english. there are so many cases. can't consider only your lang.   hmm..  
    • there is no new Entry      EDIT *** Sherlocks you can make a Default name, Maybe its better ? Netinstall macOS High Sierra   or Simple  Netinstall    
    • here is files. i tested entry. need to check netinstall media boot test.zip
    • Grazie, provo subito   EDIT: in allegato dump fatto con la versione da te segnalata, @Alpha22 DarwinDumper_2.9.9.2_Clover_X64_0000_Cap_svb.zip
    • hello, My personal setting has some issue: someday it boots fine but some other days like today I have ACPI Error (_DSM) FakeSMC Keystore: started NameSpaceLookup Failure AE_ALREADY_EXISTS (20160930/dswload-462) ACPI Exception : AE_ALREADY_EXISTS, (SSDT.CPUPM) while loading table (20160930/tbxfload-319) ACPI Error: 1 Table load failures, 10 successful   I used Urashimataro's EFI folder with only a single modification in the config.plist : i put my previous Sierra blessed serial Thanks for a fix