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GraphicsEnabler not playing nice

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So I got a successful install of iatkos 10.8.3 on my system. After finding a kext that would play nice with my Radeon HD 7570 I now have another issue... Graphics Enabler... no matter what I do it glitches out... and from what I have read you need to have it enabled to play around with the various AtiConfig Personalities.... does anyone know what might have caused this and how to fix it?

System Specs

HP Envy H8-1520t CTO

Intel i7-3700

8gb DDR 3 ram

1 tb HD space

AMD Radeon HD 7570 1gb

Thanks in advance!

(Other than this I have a fully functional 10.8.3 setup)

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Thank you for you response. I have partial acceleration going via adding device id to AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext and ATI7000Controller.kext as it in recognizes its a 7xxx series card and it allows for resolution switching personality profiles don't work though and the system becomes VERY slow.

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