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Slow CPU after ComboUpdate (10.6.8)


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I have installed 10.6.3 SL on my laptop, and i'm trying to update to 10.6.8, i have the combo update from apple webpage.

I've done it before and it works well with the exception of the usb, installing comboupdate, and when it finish, before restarting, i repair permissions with kext wizard, and, as i said, the last time worked fine.


The problem now is that the cpu turns to be very slow, and it freeze when loading everything (specially systempreferences or finder).

I think i have extra kexts that i don't neede and causes it, or maybe i need an extra kext that i have no installed yet...


In the attachment i've put extra folder, with the kexts and dsdt, and a darwindumper report, i'm using chameleon RC5, maybe i should update to a newest version or maybe to chimera (last time i was working with chimera, but now i have try after updating and continues freezing).


Any idea about it or how to solve will be very helpful.


Last question: ¿can i make a "restore point" as in windows, so if i update and it doesn't works, return or downgrade to the previous version i have in my laptop?


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please , put your hardware in signature for support



i though darwindumper report was enough, sorry

Hardware: hp 530 laptop

-Intel core solo: 1,87ghz

-Intel GMA945

-intel 10/100 ethernet card

-broadcom bcm4311

-Kingston 2gb Ram

-Conexant CX20549-12 (now with voodohda, thinking about applehda.kext cause i think it's compatible)

All running with dsdt except audio

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I forgot to say that i think i don't really need to reinstal any kext after the update, all works from the dsdt, but altough i only have only the dsdt (without the kexts i have now) it freezes so i think i need another kext, and remove some of the ones that i have now.


I've posted an attachment with my extra folder, with all i have there, if you could check it and tell me what kext doesn't fit my settings.. (also posted darwindumper report, for better support)

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Problem find: i hadn't any smbios.plist and org.chameleon.boot.plist (i was sure i have, but i was wrong) that mades cpu not being recognized by the Os and maybe is the problem.


Now i only have to create that plists and hope all works

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