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Black Screen with Clover


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Hello !


My new PC has an UEFI, so I decided to install Clover, and I have a big problem : when I use Clover to boot into my OS X partition, in verbiose mode, everything looks fine, there is no errors, until the log screen should appear : instead, the screen turns off and nothing happens. The only thing who change what happens is to turn on the display fix in DSDT options : then, when I try to boot, a kernel panic occurs, "Unable to find driver for this platform:"ACPI"".


Here is my specs :


Asus N76VZ laptop

Intel Core i7 3630QM

Intel HD4000 Graphics + NVidia Geforce 650M

Aptio UEFI

RAM : 8Go

Mountain Lion 10.8.3


What did I done before installing Clover :


- I created an USB install key with ML and chameleon, it boots fine.

- I installed OS X on my 2nd HDD, and I haven't install chameleon which is not recognized by UEFI. I boot from the USB key each time.

- I created an USB install key with ML but without chameleon, I restore it with disk utility into a 8Go partition of my second HDD.

- I made a vanilla install of ML in my first HDD, with only the 6 necessary kext to make OS X usable (FakeSMC, NullCPUPowerManagement, IntelCPUMonitor, VoodooPS2Controller, ACPIPS2Nub and GenericUSBXHCI).


Then, I installed Clover in my first HDD just with the installer.


Clover Drivers :


I try with all the UEFI drivers, then with only VboxHfs-64.efi, OsxFatBinaryDrv-64.efi, and OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi (UEFI), then with all UEFI & 64 drivers, but there is always the same result.

I try with the DSDT I used with chameleon but this is the same result.


Results :


- When I try to boot on the OS X of my second HDD, there is a kernel panic with VoodooHDA (whereas there isn't kernel panic with chameleon)

- When I try to boot on the OS X of my second HDD, or on the ML installer of my USB key or the one of my HDD, there is a black screen (screen is off), and if I turn Display fix on into DSDT options of Clover, there is a kernel panic : Unable to find driver for this platform:"ACPI"


Note : I haven't update my UEFI, do you think it may solve the problem ?


Thanks for your answers !

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Thanks ! It's working really fine !


Now I have to turn GraphicsInjector off in Clover options (definitively) and to enable Graphics acceleration. I'm searching for that, but if you had an advice for me, it would be nice ^_^



EDIT : Ok I found how to do =D


There were a few lines to add in the config.plist of Clover :


For disabling GraphicsInjector :





For enabling Graphics Acceleration (only for my laptop ?) :





Would you like I send my config.plist for giving an example ? (I am not permitted to upload this kind of file, so I'll send it with mediafire or another host)


A big thanks for your help !

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