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Wifi - Gigabyte GC-WB300D

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Hello, I am very new the the OSx86 community and seemed to have gotten everything set-up fairly easily (was thrown for a major loop with UEFI (since that was new experience). Took me awhile to figure out but everything seems to work quite well!


Currently running 10.8.3, but there is two questions i trying to figure out


getting wifi to work with Gigabyte GC-WB300D wifi/BT module, I tried looking through kexts and tried searching for the network chip being used... but to no avail and simply can't figure this pickle out.


Although not a big deal, I currently running a GTX 680, what is the best driver/kext to make sure that has the best support atm for hackintosh. I was curious cause i was just trying uniengine and i was getting close to 20 fps on medium settings and i know thats no where near the potential (I'm not expecting performance to be the same on windows but even if i could figure out to be better utilized).


Thanks, a bunch!

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