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Install successful, but can't boot into OSX...


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First off, thanks to this forum for all the tutorials and info. Its helped me out so much & kept me somewhat sane! I've run into every problem imaginable, but have found a solution for everything here. I'm afraid I've hit a brick wall on this one unfortunately!


Well it appears my install went successfully, but I can't boot into it!


Partition & boot with Acronis... install with VMware using 10.4.6 goatsecx.


After the install, I set the OSX partition Active (already Primary). When attempting to boot from it, I would get HFS+ PARTITION ERROR. I then read how to change the drive type to AF (ShagOS Swap). That seemed to work sorta...


So now when booting into this partition, the Darwin counter comes up. If I hit enter or select the OSX partition, it looks as if its loading a bunch of files... I can't make any of it out.... it says something like Loading HFS+ & its loading rapidly. It does this for a bit & eventually the computer reboots. I'm at a loss here... anyone know what this is about? Thanks



edit... i'm an idiot! Figured this out eventually... Instead I used the JAS iso & selected the proper options when customizing. Worked without a hitch!

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