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Digitus DN-7042 USB Wifi Dongle (RTL8188CUS) on 10.8.3 Problems

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I am coming from this thread http://www.insanelym...hackintoshable/ and

got osx 10.8.3 running on my Laptop Asus N56VZ with the image file from http://ukrainianipho...&st=20&start=20 (mentioned in the thread)


My internal wifi card (Atheros AR9485) is not working, so i decided to buy a usb wifi dongle: Digitus DN-7042 (based on Realtek chipset RTL8188CUS)

I installed drivers from here: http://www.realtek.c...&Downloads=true (RTL8188CUS for 10.8)


Now first: it is somehow "half" working. I can see available networks in the wireless utility, but fail to manually connect (see no other option at all).

There is also no wifi icon and network preferences says cable not plugged when selecting the wifi dongle!?


I made some screenshots. The kext files that appear in extensions folder after install are somehow strangely named RTL8192CU8.kext and RTL8192SU8.kext (not matching the name of the chipset)


Maybe someone can give me a hint or point in some direction what to try next maybe.

If i can provide more info i would be glad to do (just not very familiar how osx handles driver stuff and where to look)


Thanks for any input




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your problem can be app Realtek, not the kexts, search for a old app Realtek or other version, for example 10.7

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I am sorry for my stupidity, it is working now. The drivers and installation were 100% ok.

I was dumb not to think about something. In the past i set my wifi router not to accept new connections (new mac adresses) and forgot about that. thats all. shame on me.

I changed that and now writing this from osx. thank you for taking time to respond anyway.

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