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Beach balls after moving

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This is kind of a weird problem, but I recently moved to a new apartment, and ever since, my system will consistently get the beach ball of death after a while. It used to be totally stable and would rarely ever crash.


I first noticed it when the system was idle for a while (e.g., the monitors have been put to sleep after about 20 minutes of inactivity), but I've since noticed it happening simply when I launch an app or load a new website, etc. It could be completely unrelated to the move (and in fact, the first night the system was running fine, but ever since Day 2, it's been acting up) but I didn't make any software changes in the past day and I've since done a clean install of the OS and the problems still linger, so I don't know if it's completely software either.


At first I thought maybe my system was overheating due to overclocking (I have an Intel i5 2500K that was overclocked from 3.3ghz to 4.0ghz) but I switched it back to 3.3ghz and the problem still occurs.


There's usually something that's user-driven that triggers the crash -- e.g., I open a new tab in my browser or I open a new app. I haven't seen it just freeze while the system was on and idle (at least not yet).


Also, when the beach ball pops up, my system is still somewhat responsive -- I can move my mouse around and sometimes even switch windows, but I can't actually do anything like close tabs, close apps, open a new Finder window, open Activity Monitor, etc.


I'm running 10.8.3 vanilla kernel using Chimera 2.0.1. I'd really like some help troubleshooting what could be the problem (since a clean install didn't even work). Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

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For anyone interested, I solved the issue. It turns out it was a problem with my SSD drive. I have the Crucial M4 128gb and had the 5200 hour bug that just so happened to coincide with when I was moving. I updated my M4 firmware to 0309 and everything is back working fine. Here's more info: http://www.storagereview.com/crucial_m4_0309_firmware_update_for_5200_hour_bug_released

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