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[How-To] Remove the G5/MacPro Case Power Button Assembly

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WhatTheTech asked about it :



3,14r2 gave his own way and


I remembered having written some explanations : http://www.insanelym...attach_id=39970



The assembly contains 4 parts; starting from an external view of the case : the button, the internal metal circle, the PCB and the external metal circle.



Starting from an internal view of the case : the picture shows on top of the PCB , a light grey open circle which maintains all the parts in place and left of the PCB (actually underneath of it), the bent piece of metal which maintains the button in place.




copyright to WTT :





To free the parts, you have to first take out the external metal circle.


By using this kind of tool, as I did :


you slowly and gently, pull the external circle around and out of the metal frame soldered onto the case




Or by using 3.14r2's way :

1. Turn the ring that holds all the parts using a spudger or a screwdriver


copyright to 3.14r2 :




2. Using thin-ended pliers, squeeze the ring to remove it


copyright to 3.14r2 :




By removing the PCB, you will see the internal metal circle metal which keeps the button in place and underneath the button itself.








Here you can see the PCB open showing the inner circle and the golden top and both come in contact when the button is pressed :





To reassemble the power button assembly, you only have to put the parts back in the reverse order of the different steps . :)


from WTT : "It's important to point out that you don't have to worry about damaging the PCB since it's not electronic. The only things you have to mind are the solder points"

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