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[Guide] Install 10.8.2 on HP Pavilion p6210y AMD

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Description- I just finished my second Hackintosh on my AMD hp p6210y. I like to make a guide after I get it mostly working so that I have a reference in case I mess something up lol. Everything works smoothly though so far, but I just finished it last night so I haven't had enough time to properly test it. I will of course update this post when I find fixes or if anyone else has fixes post and let me know! Everything works as far as I can tell though besides the graphics card which is the kernels fault. It doesn't like graphics too much for some reason, but thankfully works great with my ATI Radeon 4650.




Quick Hardware Overview

CPU: AMD Athlon II 620 Quad-Core - Working!

LAN: NForce - Working!

RAM: 6 gb - Working!

Audio: ALC 888s - Working!

Graphics: NVIDIA geforce 9100 - Does not work with the AMD kernel.

No nvidia graphics card will, but you

seriously need to upgrade if you're still

using onboard graphics anyway lol


Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4650 - This is the card I had laying around and is what I'm using -- Working w/ perfect QE/CI!


Xcode + Simulator - Working!

Note: I know Xcode isn't hardware, but the functionality of it was a

concern of mine when I started out but don't worry they both work fine.


Sleep does not work! Make sure to turn it off in System preferences


Download this stuff

http://www.osx86.net...ion_10.8.2.html - AMD Kernel


^AMD Kernel, More stable

NOTE: The striked out kernel had some issues with Xcode and Kobold2d especially. It would just

randomly crash for an "unexpected" reason. The new kernel doesn't seem to have this problem!


http://www.osx86.net..._installer.html - Voodoo HDA Audio

http://www.osx86.net..._-_1249_...html - AppleHDA patched for ALC888s better than Voodoo imo


http://www.osx86.net...nforce_lan.html - Ethernet, Download nForceLAN_0.64.5.mpkg.zip


NOTE: Only download this if you have this graphics card. It's useless other wise.

http://www.osx86.net...ntain_lion.html - ATI Radeon HD 4650</a



Step - Remember to fix S/L/E with myHack or Kext Wizard or whatever you prefer before every reboot/shutdown while

setting up just in case!


1. Create a MyHack OSX 10.8 installer using a 10.8.2 image (installESD.dmg or .app) downloaded through the app store.

NOTE: You can probably use a 10.8 installer if you'd prefer for some reason, make sure to find a 10.8 amd kernel though


2. Reboot and boot from the newly created USB installer. When you see the Darwin loader screen type:

amd_kernel arch=x86_64 -v -legacy PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x3000


3. Now just go through the install process like normal. Make sure to say yes to the three pop-up dialogs that will appear near the end.


4. Reboot, and using linux, MacDrive in windows, or anything that can read the HFS partition, transfer the amd_kernel from your usb drive to the root of the Mac partition.


5. Reboot, and type the same arguments used in step 2 and then your mac should boot and you will be welcomed to set up your mac. Note: not much will work at this point.


Fix Ethernet

1. Install nForceLAN_0.64.5.mpkg.zip


2. Click 'Go', 'Go To Folder', then type '/' and click enter. Finder will open a window at the root of your Mac. Navigate to "System/Library/Extensions" and find nForceLAN.kext


3. Right click it and click 'Show Package Contents', then go into 'Contents' and find info.plist. Copy that to your desktop and open it in text edit.


4. Find this line:





Change it to:





Fix Audio

1. Simply download the Voodoo HDA 2.8.2 kext and install to S/L/E using Kext Wizard, then run the MyHack 'myFix' to fix things up, next restart and it should work.



- If you cant hear audio then go to "System Prefrences" and at the bottom click on "Voodoo HDA" and then on the left there will be two drop down boxes. Drop

down the second one and there should be two options click the unchecked one then move the input Gain up and check 'Use SSE2"


-To do the above automatically at login, Open System Preferences, click 'Users and Groups', click 'Login Items', click the '+' and find the 'VoodooHDASettingsLoader.app'.



Fix Graphics - Ati Radeon HD 4650

1. Simply download all kexts from link and follow the instructions in the description. Make sure to pay attention to the directions I messed up the first time I tried.


Have fun!



Update: USB Fix- I was having an issue with the right USB port on the front side and getting an "unable to obtain ownership from bios" error message at boot. To fix this check

'USB Legacy Off" in Chameleon wizard or type 'USBLegacyOff=Yes' at boot.

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