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  1. I have installed 10.8.2 on my amd desktop. I made a tutorial so you can see exactly what I've done thus far. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/287234-guide-install-1082-on-hp-pavilion-p6210y-amd/ Everything works great just like it does on my laptop intel hackintosh (lol mac just fixed that to say macintosh anyways...) except when I try to go to sleep I get "Error 4 Trying to transition CPU1 to OFF" If I install SleepEnabler.kext, the hackintosh goes to sleep fine but the display refuses to wake. I hear the click of the audio coming back alive and the light on my Xbox 360 controller (i'm using the 3rd party driver) comes on along with the keyboard. So, it seems that sleep is working correctly for everything except the most important part, the display! In addition to the tutorial, I've also tried patching the DSDT with DSDTSE to do the RTC hack, I've also tried the patched AppleRTC.kext but neither seem to do anything. I have fixed my DSDT btw so If you know of any tricks in there to get it working I'm comfortable with using them. I've also tried things like darkwake=0/1/10, none seem to have any effect. SO, I've been wondering is this a problem with the 10.8.2 kernel? Or, is there ANYTHING I could try. If I fix this then I feel like my hackintosh will be perfectly usable! And of course, Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Description- I just finished my second Hackintosh on my AMD hp p6210y. I like to make a guide after I get it mostly working so that I have a reference in case I mess something up lol. Everything works smoothly though so far, but I just finished it last night so I haven't had enough time to properly test it. I will of course update this post when I find fixes or if anyone else has fixes post and let me know! Everything works as far as I can tell though besides the graphics card which is the kernels fault. It doesn't like graphics too much for some reason, but thankfully works great with my ATI Radeon 4650. Quick Hardware Overview CPU: AMD Athlon II 620 Quad-Core - Working! LAN: NForce - Working! RAM: 6 gb - Working! Audio: ALC 888s - Working! Graphics: NVIDIA geforce 9100 - Does not work with the AMD kernel. No nvidia graphics card will, but you seriously need to upgrade if you're still using onboard graphics anyway lol Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4650 - This is the card I had laying around and is what I'm using -- Working w/ perfect QE/CI! Xcode + Simulator - Working! Note: I know Xcode isn't hardware, but the functionality of it was a concern of mine when I started out but don't worry they both work fine. Sleep does not work! Make sure to turn it off in System preferences Download this stuff http://www.osx86.net...ion_10.8.2.html - AMD Kernel http://www.insanelym...ttach_id=117947 ^AMD Kernel, More stable NOTE: The striked out kernel had some issues with Xcode and Kobold2d especially. It would just randomly crash for an "unexpected" reason. The new kernel doesn't seem to have this problem! http://www.osx86.net..._installer.html - Voodoo HDA Audio http://www.osx86.net..._-_1249_...html - AppleHDA patched for ALC888s better than Voodoo imo http://www.osx86.net...nforce_lan.html - Ethernet, Download nForceLAN_0.64.5.mpkg.zip NOTE: Only download this if you have this graphics card. It's useless other wise. http://www.osx86.net...ntain_lion.html - ATI Radeon HD 4650</a Step - Remember to fix S/L/E with myHack or Kext Wizard or whatever you prefer before every reboot/shutdown while setting up just in case! 1. Create a MyHack OSX 10.8 installer using a 10.8.2 image (installESD.dmg or .app) downloaded through the app store. NOTE: You can probably use a 10.8 installer if you'd prefer for some reason, make sure to find a 10.8 amd kernel though 2. Reboot and boot from the newly created USB installer. When you see the Darwin loader screen type: amd_kernel arch=x86_64 -v -legacy PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x3000 3. Now just go through the install process like normal. Make sure to say yes to the three pop-up dialogs that will appear near the end. 4. Reboot, and using linux, MacDrive in windows, or anything that can read the HFS partition, transfer the amd_kernel from your usb drive to the root of the Mac partition. 5. Reboot, and type the same arguments used in step 2 and then your mac should boot and you will be welcomed to set up your mac. Note: not much will work at this point. Fix Ethernet 1. Install nForceLAN_0.64.5.mpkg.zip 2. Click 'Go', 'Go To Folder', then type '/' and click enter. Finder will open a window at the root of your Mac. Navigate to "System/Library/Extensions" and find nForceLAN.kext 3. Right click it and click 'Show Package Contents', then go into 'Contents' and find info.plist. Copy that to your desktop and open it in text edit. 4. Find this line: <key>DisableMSI</key> <false/> Change it to: <key>DisableMSI</key> <true/> Fix Audio 1. Simply download the Voodoo HDA 2.8.2 kext and install to S/L/E using Kext Wizard, then run the MyHack 'myFix' to fix things up, next restart and it should work. Notes: - If you cant hear audio then go to "System Prefrences" and at the bottom click on "Voodoo HDA" and then on the left there will be two drop down boxes. Drop down the second one and there should be two options click the unchecked one then move the input Gain up and check 'Use SSE2" -To do the above automatically at login, Open System Preferences, click 'Users and Groups', click 'Login Items', click the '+' and find the 'VoodooHDASettingsLoader.app'. Fix Graphics - Ati Radeon HD 4650 1. Simply download all kexts from link and follow the instructions in the description. Make sure to pay attention to the directions I messed up the first time I tried. Have fun! Update: USB Fix- I was having an issue with the right USB port on the front side and getting an "unable to obtain ownership from bios" error message at boot. To fix this check 'USB Legacy Off" in Chameleon wizard or type 'USBLegacyOff=Yes' at boot.
  3. HP Webcam-101 Problem

    oh thanks it works but still how do I get facetime and photobooth to work?
  4. Ok so I'm running 10.8.2 on my Hp Pavilion Laptop and can't quite get my webcam to work. When I start Facetime or Photobooth, the light comes on indicating that the webcam has been turned on and Photobooth even lists it as HP Webcam-101 yet the loading circle just keeps spinning and Facetime doesn't even seem to do anything. I can't seem to find anything about it on google.
  5. Hackintosh Kexts - HP 1c35dx.zip Just recently finished my second mostly-successful hackintosh. The only thing that will be required to buy is a wireless card. I'm using a Belkin N150 wireless usb adaptor for now until I can get a replacement card, but it does work great. Everything else works great though. Just thought I'd give a quick rundown of how to get it up and running for others who may be struggling with it. Hardware - quick summary CPU: Intel Core i3 -- works! (duh lol) HDD: Serial ATA -- works! Wireless: RTL-8188CE (Won't work) Ethernet: Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller (Won't work, but still working on it) Sound: Altec IDT HDA Audio -- works! USB: 2.0 -- works! Audio Ports: Microphone and Headphones -- works! Web Cam: Hp --Works! (use camera control.app) 1. Installing MyHack to a usb drive First, thing you want to do is figure out how to get access to a real working mac OR figure out how to get a virtual machine running it. Now, assuming you got one of those, you will want to download MyHack. Create an install disc and then click next, click browse and browse for where you downloaded the Mountain Lion OSX installer from the app store. You can scan manually but I just like to be careful. Let it do it’s thing, it’ll take a while. Note: It may say installation failed but ignore it. Almost everything you install in this tutorial will say it failed but don’t believe it. 2. Fixing up the MyHack usb Browse the files of the usb drive and look in both /System/Library/Extensions and /Extras/Extensions/ for AppleIntelHDxxxx.kext and remove them all. They will cause the installer to hang if you don’t remove them. We will fix the graphics after we install later. Now, you can eject the drive and reboot. 3. Booting and Installing Boot from the drive And press any key to set boot optons once it says you can and type: -v cpus=1 If you did it right, in a few minutes you will see the install screen. From here you can use disk utility to format the partition or the entire disk to HFS+ Journaled. When you’re done just follow the on-screen prompts and let it install. It’ll say it failed but ignore it. 4. Booting for the first time Take out the usb drive and let it boot into the Darwin screen. If you installed on a partition, press down on the arrow key to select the partition. Then type again: -v cpus=1 Now after that’s done, you will have to setup your desktop and user accounts. Just follow the on-screen prompts until you get to your desktop. 5. Fixing all the broken things Using a usb drive (FAT(32) is compatible with Mac and Windows), download the attachment and extract it to a usb drive. Then load it up in your new hackintosh. Fix Keyboard and Mouse Now, you maybe thinking, “I should skip this my keyboard and mouse already work!” but when we install Chameleon in a minute they will stop working. So to prevent this, click the arrow by Miscellaneous and check PS/2 Keyboard/Mice and Trackpad. Fix Audo Click on the arrow by Drivers and Bootloaders, the arrow by Audio, and the arrow by Universal, check Voodoo HDA Fix Mute and volume slider Go to folder "/System/Library/Extensions" and find the voodooHDA.kext, right click and click "show package contents" then go in "contents" and open info.plist up in a text editor (I used Textwrangler free in the app store). Find the line "VoodooHDAEnableVolumeChangeFix" and change the '<false/> to '<true/>'. Then find the line "VoodooHDAEnableMuteFix" and change the '<false/>' to '<true/>. 6. Chameleon Wizard Now run Chameleon Wizard and under install choose ‘Boot0hfs’ and select your mac partition and click install. Next, go to the ‘org.chameleon.Boot’ tab and under CPU check ‘cpus=1’. This will make it so you won’t have to write it everytime you start your hackintosh. Finally, go to the next tab SMBios and click edit. Drop down the list box under Premade SMBios and select MacBook Pro(8,3) and click save. Now, restart and you will see the new bootloader and an apple symbol just let it boot. You don’t have to do anything. Finally, login to your desktop. 7. Fix Graphics Download a program called Kext Wizard and AppleIntelHD3000.kext and using Kext Wizard click on the Installation tab , browse for the above mentioned kext, and check /System/Library/Extensions and click install. Go back to the main page and select the /System/Library/Extensions check box and 2 sub-boxes and click execute. Finally, restart and you should be presented with a much prettier looking desktop. Also, flash wont be all flicker and {censored} anymore! 9. Fix to show Battery Percentage Open VoodooBattery. It’ll have two kexts AppleACPIPlatform.kext and VoodooBattery.kext. Next, press Go in Finder and click ‘Go To Folder’ and type /System/Library/Extensions/. Find and delete AppleACPIPlatform.kext if it exists. Then, install the 2 kexts using Kext Wizard. NOTE: If you want to install the 10.8.2 update, go ahead and do so by pressing the apple in the top left corner and click software update. This battery percentage kext is the only one I had to reinstall after doing the update. 10. Fix Sleep mode Install SleepEnabler.kext using Kext Wizard. 11. Updating to 10.8.2 After updating you will only need to re-install the battery percentage kext. Also, to boot without the cpus=1 flag, install this modified kernel. 'lapic_fix Kernel Installer' http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=2745 It comes in the form of an installer which is nice and convenient! Make sure to uncheck 'cpus=1' in chameleon wizard AND run kextwizard and fix all permissions. Then reboot and all should be good! Finally restart and... You're done Have fun! And if you find fixes please share! Troubleshooting if you cant boot at any point make sure to try booting with the -v flag. This means verbose mode and will give you detailed info about everything it's doing and about the error when it gets to it. This way I, someone else, or google can help you. Update: I have now gotten HDMI and VGA Output to work! Follow this tutorial: http://www.osx86.net...-hd-3000-a.html Note: When I extracted the DSDT originally I got ALOT of errors. I have now fixed it so it compiles correctly and have attached it as dsdt.aml.zip. Download this and skip the first part of the tutorial provided by the link above. How to install the DSDT Put the file in the Extra folder and open Chameleon Wizard and under DSDT .aml click the + sign and locate open the .aml that you just put in the Extra folder. Then continue to the hex editing section of the tutorial in the link if you want VGA. dsdt.aml.zip