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ML 10.8.3 random freezes w/ GTS 450

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I have a hackintosh running ML 10.8.3 with a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R motherboard and an EVGA GTS 450 graphics card. The system works perfectly except that every once in a while I will get a random freeze (

NVDA(OpenGL): Channel timeout!)

. I don't have this issue with my GTX 480, but I'd prefer to have the GTS in this hackintosh. Has there been any progress to solving this freeze either through editing kexts or some other file?


As another question, I cannot get the AppleGraphicsPowerManagement kext to load, so I don't think any power states for the GPU are working- how can I get this to load?


Thanks in advance.

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It's also happening to me with my GTX550. Worked like a clockwork on 10.8.2 and now every once in a while my system freezes and i have to reboot manually. I don't get a kernel panic screen, it just freezes and stays like that.

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