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My system overall...

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Hi guys, so for the past few weeks i have been messing around with my new hackintosh, i have successfully installed Mountain Lion on my HP Pavilion G6, and i currently have the wireless and sound working.. heres my list:



Sound Working

Sound Fault (Explained Below)


HDMI (Sound/Audio)

IMessage (need to look into as havent yet)

Facetime (need to look into as havent yet)

Change Resolution

USB Ports


Ok so yeah the too mains are done i suppose but here is the others explain.


Sound Fault

I have successfully got my sound to work, the only problem i am having is that when i change the master volume on the top tool bar it doesnt affect the voodooHDA i have to go into voodooHDA and change it in there. I have heard this is common and i have tried and failed so many times to fix.



This is personally a weird one, i have made 3 different hackintosh's now and ethernet always seems to install and work perfectly on its own, the only difference is for my HP Pavilion G6 it doesnt work. I have tried TonyMacx ##### kexts but that still doesnt work.


HDMI (Sound/Audio)

This is on going, i have tried again so many times to make this work but when it comes to editing DSDT's i have no knowledge at all. Maybe someone who has services in this area could send a PM to try and sort something out?



Both of these like to sign in but then when i receive a call on facetime or a message on iMessage they decide to crash, i havent actually looked into this so for this i am not asking for help as of yet as i like to try things myself.


Changing Resolution

This is something that really bugs me because it is a critical part of a Laptop/Desktop Display, i assume that it is something todo with my Display drivers maybe half the problem is the HDMI as that is the graphics card for the full system? im not too sure?


USB Ports

Again another intresting one for me, this is the first machine i have encountered this problem with. Only one USB port works and that is the port i used to install Mountain Lion via USB Drive. Has anybody else encountered this?





HP Pavilion G6


4GB Ram

Intel Core i3 2.4GHZ

IntelHD 3000 Graphics




This post has taken me over 25minutes to post. Please share any advice you may have that can help me towards the completion of my hackintosh!



Many Thanks,


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