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Post-Callisto Installation: Won't Boot


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First things first, running an ATi Radeon 9800Pro AGP device id=0x4E48


Okay, I followed the instructions here using the 006 version of the callisto driver


I got past the first part to install the base driver, and could boot into OS X with changeable resolutions, but of course no CI or QE.


So I followed the second set of instructions (to the letter, mind you) and now I can't boot up. (and of course, I made the stupid mistake of misplacing the backup ati drivers)


Here's what I need from you helpers out there, can you either

a, make a set of instructions that work (doubtful, I know, but it's worth a shot, if you are wondering, it stops booting at the step where it says its loading up the login window, but then it never comes), or the more likely


b.) post the clean ATi drivers so I can restore them.

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