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HP nc6320 (Under £100 & works great with OS X Lion)

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I wasn't really sure where to put this thread because it's not a guide but I'm not asking for help either, it's basically just a tip for people looking to buy a laptop compatible with OS X. Anyway, I hope it's ok in here.


If you look on websites for recommended laptops that you can install OS X on, most of the ones recommended tend to be at least £200 and more, and I think that turns some people who don't have much money away (like myself) which I think is quite sad. So I just wanted to point out for anyone wondering, yes there are laptops out there which are fully compatible with OS X Lion/Mountain Lion that you can pick up for under £100 (on eBay mind you).


Anyway, I recently picked up a hp nc6320 laptop with 2gbs ram, intel core 2 duo processor and GMA 950 graphics and I had OS X Lion running fine on there with iCloud set up in less than 3 hours. I don't think enough people realise you can pick up laptops this cheap that work with modern versions of OS X.


So yeah I just wanted to give that tip to people out there who don't have much money but want to have their own little macbook. :-)


There were a few issues with the nc6320 like only one core working but that can be fixed if you know how to do it! (Works pretty well on one core anyway). Also, you need to buy a usb wifi adapter cause the built in wifi don't work.



Note: Sorry if this didn't need to be a thread, I just wanted to spread some friendly advice but had absolutely no idea where to put it.

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