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Wireless mouse problems

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Hello everyone.


I have a couple of problems with my Hackintosh. When I install it, it works great out of the box. But it has some problems. As soon as open any App, the system has some problems. First, here's my build:


- Intel Core i7 3770k

- Geil Corsa 16Gb RAM DDR3 1600 CL9

- Gigabyte Z77-DS3H

- Sapphire ATI HD6870 1Gb

- 2TB HDD (500GB for Mac, 500GB for Win, 1TB for Bulk Storage) + 1TB HDD + 1,5TB USB HDD


I boot it with a Un1beast USB as I haven't got the boot working in 4k partitions. This is not a problem for me as I have a dedicated USB plugged in as a "key". Without it, my PC does NOT boot, so I can control when and who boots my PC/MAC, hehe.


First, the mouse. It works great in Finder itself, but, as soon as I open Safari, Chrome... or almost any app, it behaves weird. When I'm moving it, suddenly it stops and appears, one second later, in the spot where it should be. It doesn't move smoothly at all. The system halts while the mouse doesn't move. If there's any icon, like iTransmission's data rate on the dock, it also stops for a second and then displays correctly the numbers again. I'm using the Logitech K520 combo. Works great on Windows. On Mac Steam games, though, works like a charm, letting me play correctly. Weird, huh?


Any ideas to get it working 100%?


Thank you very much for helping me. I really need that help.

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bluetooth problem, buy a BelkinMini and 0 problems, work O.O.B in MAC OS X


I'm using the adapter that comes with the combo. Will it work with a non-logitech adapter? And how come it works great with games? Also, it happens with a wired mouse...

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