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TP Link WN781ND can't connect to any protected networks

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Hi all!


When I finished installing Mountain Lion, I imported my things via the built-in "transfer from another mac". Upon fixing wireless, console spews this out when trying to autoconnect to my network. Minor censoring of the obvious here:


2/9/13 11:52:44.369 AM airportd[261]: _processSystemPSKAssoc: No password for network <CWNetwork: 0x7f8033e03fd0> [ssid=ssidhere, bssid=so:me:da:ta:he:re security=WPA2 Personal, rssi=-62, channel=<CWChannel: 0x7f8034a05e90> [channelNumber=6(2GHz), channelWidth={20MHz}, active], ibss=0] in the system keychain


From what I am reading, there is an entry in the system keychain for my network, with an empty password. On the very same SSID, channel, etc with no security (except MAC filtering) it can connect fine. I have looked inside the "Keychain Access" app and removed it's entry, aswell as removing some network related preference list fiels, and booting with a flushed cache.


Help me out here?


Thanks, very much.


this is wrong forum, i know, reposting into networking now. sorry



I noticed in my console AHR: unknown locale {censored} (something like that), googled, found my chipset. AR928X will work with this:




Allowed me to connect to WPA networks with TL-WN781ND on 10.8.2, cheers!

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Bumping with findings:


I can connect to a WEP network, but not any kind of WPA. For now I am using a 2870 usb stick I had laying around, and it has WPA fine. This card worked PERFECT in 10.7.x, but now doesn't have WPA in 10.8.


I had to switch kexts when I updated, and I am lead to think the kext has caused it, or something with wpa_supplicant?

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There is a possible way to test if it is a kext issue.


Create a new account and log into it. If you can access WPA networks, then its most likely not a kext issue (prob some far away config file)

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I tried that, I was unable to connect. Anyone help me find a kext for ML 10.8.2 and TPLink WN781ND?


md5 of my current, nonworking kext's version.plist: 92e7fe9fb74acce51c5026beff1d6df8

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