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Hi guys, I've installed {censored} 10.4.11 rev2 on my beast but I'm not able to change the original eng language.

I know the trick "SysPref>International>put your language up" but seems not working at all.


Is there a way to translate everything?


Searching in the forum, I've found tricks to do this with some versions of Leopard (kalyway) but not with Tiger.


Would Parallels with the original retail version (searching for my language package) help me, or I could brick the system installing languages?


Thanks in advance!

I've solved opening Tiger Retail Installation Disc (CD n*2 precisely) with Pacifist and extracting language.pkg file (ie. French.pkg).

Then I've double clicked on it (french.pkg), I've followed installation and when was done, I've chosen my language from "sys pref>international".


Distro localized!


I know, was easy, but I hope could help someone in the future.

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