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[Solved]Time Capsule WEB access from XP/W7

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Hi all!


I've faced a problem which I don't know how to solve. Out of ideas. Maybe someone could share some knowledge on the subject?


The deal:

I friend of mine has a time capsule connected to Internet 24/7 via another ISP provided router. In other words the topology is fallowing:

  • Fibre optics from ISP > ISP provided modem > ISP provided router

She wants the TC to be accessible via WEB (not only in the apartment she lives in and where all the devices are located). She has two Macs. Now I've managed to connect both Macs via web (using AFP). In order to do this the following steps were taken:

Configured the ISP proved router to assign a static IP address to TC (using TC's MAC address)

Configured the ISP proved router to do a port forwarding TC

Configured the TC to enable both file sharing and sharing to WEB (so now it is enabled as second router otherwise share to WEB option would not be available)


She can connect both here Macs (LI) to the TC other the web with no issues. So do I from my Hackintosh (SL). But she also need the TC to be accessible via WEB from Windows machines (XP/W7/W8) for co-workers to be able to add their files (dropbox is not an option). Here comes the problem. I couldn't make it happen. XP just doesn't want to connect. :wallbash: I've tried both \\XX.XX.XX.XX:port number or via browser. Nothing...


Unfortunately TC can't be used as the only router, as TV signal is also provided via the same channel as the Internet ant the modem (or whatever that thing is called) on the TV side JUST DOESN'T work when connected to TC, butt works perfectly then connected to ISP provided router. :wallbash:


Thanks for any ideas!

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The solution was more or less simple. Using only free tools.

  1. I've installed VirtualBox virtual machine.
  2. Installed Ubuntu as a guest OS
  3. Installed AFPFS-NG (AFP Linux port)
  4. Created few scripts to connect/disconnect to TC and used them to create desktop launchers (to double click the icon instead of finding and executing scripts)
  5. Added AFP daemon to be launched on logon to OS
  6. Shared Windows Documents folder for it to be available in Ubuntu (although drag and drop function is present in VB, it didn't worked well in my case)
  7. Created launcher to open the shared Windows folder (using a simple script again)


That's all!


Few useful links:






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