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Video acceleration gives crappy mouse movement

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I'm using a USB mouse, a G400 from Logitech which works normally in Windows and ArchLinux but behaves strange in Mac.

The rest of my hardware is in my signature.

Using 10.8.2 and 10.8.3 in VESA mode without hardware acceleration gives me a mouse movement I would expect.

The movement is very controllable and without any delay.


As soon as the ATI7000Controller takes over and the eye candy kicks in, I can't move it precisely anymore.

It feels like the PC is busy computing all the special effects like transparency that were added and hardly has resources for the pointer movement anymore.

The pointer doesn't jump though, it moves very smoothly but with some delay.


Recently I installed a beta of the Logitech Gaming Software which added some more control over the mouse like polling rate and more DPI levels.

I observed that the mouse gets more responsive the lower I set the polling rate and found 250 working optimal for me.

A small improvement but still not comparable to the movement I get in safe mode.


I'm thankful for any help.

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