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Snow Leopard 10.6

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I am success install snow leopard 10.6.3 and update to 10.6.8 combo, but i am have a problem

with my graphics card Power Color HD4650 512 MB 128bit DDR3


My Spec is

Proc : Intel Pentium G620 2.6 GHz

Mb : Intel DH61WW

ram : 8 GB DDR3

VGA : Power Color HD4650 512 MB 128bit DDR3

Hdd : 1. SSD Vertex 4 128GB

2. HDD Hitachi 250GB Sata


how to step by step install VGA Card and support QE/CI


Please Help me


Apologize my english is bad.


Edited by fantomas1
Bad english or not, please remember that you are in a public forum, a bit of courtesy is always welcome. It's always nice to start by saying "Hi" or "Hello" before asking a question or seeking help.

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