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OS X doesn't want to boot natively.


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Hi everyone! This is my first post here, all the way from South Africa (am I the first?)


Anyway I don't want to ask unnecessary questions, and I read through lots of posts and searched for an answer, and I just need some help!


I have pretty much successfully installed OSX for the first time on my computer. It's really cool! :D


During the install I didn't enable "GMA900" in the customize panel because I have a GMA950, should I do this?


The specs are :

JAS 10.4.7 ISO Repack on dual boot with Win XP professional with Darwin bootloader.

Intel 945GTP Motherboard GMA 950 w/sigmatel 9220 or 9223 audio, LAN.+firewire

Intel Pentium 4 630 CPU (sse3 enabled on)

Generic DVD writer




But when I boot up I always have to do the following trick : "-v -x "Graphics Mode"="Blah Blah", to boot in Safe Mode, if I don't, the graphics are all wrong, mostly black with broken boxes. I think the rest of the OS works fine.


So far I've only booted up in safe mode, but compared to Windows Safe Mode, it's really awesome! Everything works great, Network, Graphics up to 1280X1024X32@85 smoothly and beautifully, as well as really fast. But unless I boot natively, I can't fix audio, because in safe mode it won't load the kext anyway, right?


I wholeheartedly appreciate any input on my problem, if there's any info you want, just ask! (verbose messages etc)

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Thank you ever so much carpoa, you just made my day!!!!


I just use the built in one, not sure what it is Intel Gigabit... It works, sharing internet over LAN, but I haven't been able to connect to other computer yet (running Windoze 2000) but I'm working on it...


I'm so happy with my computer!!! I only paid R2000 for it, barebones box.


That's like $300 or £200!!


And I got it with 2 gigs ram (DDR2-533), it's lovely! (hee hee hee)


I'm gonna re-install it right now.

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