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OpenGL doesnt work properly anymore


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Hello there.This is my first post in this forum (obvious >.<) and im glad to be here.Ok,here is the problem.

In the last days,somehow i managed to disable the OpenGL function.I was playing with the nvidia i geforce kexts importing my device and vendor ID cause i have problems with the GPU restarting for no sense :(.

So after that,i restarted my PC,and and i saw that my GUI was lagy and that it lacks some acceleration support.Then,i tried to open a movie in VLC player and a message poped up saying i dont have OpenGL support on this Mac.

I tried everything from reinstalling nvidia drivers,updating from 10.7.4 to 10.7.5 but no luck so far.

I attached the VLC log file so u can see what does it say.

Any help will be appreciated!



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