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Weird display problem PCI-E x1600 pro


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I have a dell 5150. i installed jas 10.4.7 on the second disk. the display card is GeCube PCI-E x1600 pro 512 mb. it has dual DVI outputs. i use the first one for my dell monitor. second one is connected to my philips plasma thru its DVI port. the weird thing is. Mac os doesnt see the dell monitor. in the display setup all i see is philips tv. but only the dell monitor is working. i did the boris patch, i can see the high resolutions but it is interlaced. so when i choose them the display gets fuzzy. and there is no picture coming on the tv. (i dont need it anyway) i tried to unhook the tv, mac os didnt reboot. i tried to change the cable order, still no reboot.


any ideas?

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