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Problems with GTX 260 & ML


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Hi all!


I've just installed ML on my Desktop, but when I boot up the system the screen shut down before log in screen...

In order to solve this problem, I've deleted NVDAResman.kext, and now it works! The problem is that now I haven't accelerated graphics and I don't know how to make it work...Other people just use "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" with this board, but it doesn't work for me without NVDAResman.kext...And if i put it in S/L/E the system stops to charge the system :)


I tried with graphicsenabler and adding the efi string in hex code to the org.chameleon.boot.plist in /extra (folder created by me and file created using chameleon wizard)...still not working...


I also updated to 10.8.2, and i had the problem of "no signal" when arriving to the login screen...removed NVDAResman.kext and it works, but still not accelerated...


Can you please help me? :)


Thank you!!


EDIT: after trying and retrying, i've used Niresh 10.8 + patch + combo 10.8.2 update = Fully working hackintosh!

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