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LCD Closed problem solved!


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Ok so I've tried a tonload of things to get the issue fixed of the LCD turning off when the lid is closed and then not turning back on (black screen of death?). Some people I guess haven't had as much trouble as I have but I'm posting this for those of you who have.


I have a radeon 7500 mobility and I'm using the patch from these forums + callisto .003 fixed. I have QE enabled (becasue of the patch).


I have also used Insomnia from this post http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=13830&hl=#


I have tried sleepless and InsomniaX so I'm not sure if these two programs have helped or not.


Basically when I close my lid my display turns off after about 10 seconds. I have a Dell Latitude C640. My dell has a function button on it labled "CRT/LCD" (you must press the FN button plus F7 to press this button). So after my display is off I press the CRT/LCD button and the display comes back. However, after 1 click (no matter what it is) the mouse dissapears and the display freezes. After a ton of trial and error I realized that if I just press the power button that the machine springs back to life and all I have to do is hit "cancel" when OSX asks me if I would like to shut down.




I know it's not perfect, but hey, at least I can get some sleep now because I dont need to have my display stay on and blind me to sleep. :-D


I hope this helps at least one person out.....

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