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Brand new system, clean install 10.8


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Today I received new hardware to upgrade next system:

  • Intel E8400
  • GA-P35-DS4
  • 250 HDD SATA
  • 4gb DDR 2

This is going to be upgraded with next items:

  • Intel i5 2500k
  • GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3
  • 128gb SSD Samsung 830
  • 8gb DDR 3

Idea is to have a clean install. I already have a Time Machine backup of my system (10.8.2) so I can have all my documents once new system is running.


Only question I have: what is the best way to install a clean OSX 10.8?

(I already restored a copy of purchase OSX 10.8 to a external USB HDD.)


Should I install chameleon to this same USB HDD and then reboot-install OSX


Or can I better use a boot CD (for example myhack) to start my PC and then install OSX from the USB HDD?


And last question, does this new motherbord need a own DSDT file?

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