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Trying to install OS X, stuck in boot after disks check, things are strange...


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I am trying to build a custom installer for my pc, HP Pavillion P6230it, totally from scratch (retail OS X, FakeSMC.kext and NullCPUPowerManagement.kext). In order to get it working I am comparing with Niresh's installer, which actually boots fine given npci=0x3000.

Well, it gets stuck after disks check, when it should say DSMOS has arrived. So I started kinda reverse engineering Niresh's thing, and found out that if I replace its /S/L/E with mine it stucks at the same point. Then, just to be sure, I replaced /S/L/E in my installer with his, tried to boot it and, surprise, it's not working either. How is it possible?

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