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From external superdrive to MacBook pro 17" internal superdrive

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Hi everyone


Just one question, can i buy the external Macbook Air superdrive and take out the drive to put in my laptop 17" (latest version from 17) inside.



Because my CD drive in laptop need to replacment





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Why do you want this to be so complicated? :)


There are two general types of CD/DVD drives:

  • slot loading (as in Macs and some other PCs)
  • tray loading


You need a slot loading drive. Most slot loading models should be compatible with Mac. The only difference between the drives for different PCs is the mount adaptors/holders (and the front bezel for tray loading drives) which usually are replaceable (from the old broken drive to the new one). Take a look at ebay/amazon an find a replacement SATA slot loading drive.


For instance:



If you can buy a slot loading USB optical drive cheaper then the same drive alone, then yes you could do so, 'cos there most likely would be the same slot loading optical drive (either SATA or IDE) inside the box.

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