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I have DSDT.aml for MAC OS X 10.6.8... will it works on Lion 10.7.X?

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Hi guys,

I great man helped me to patch the DSDT.aml of my Asus netbook while I was trying to install Snow Leopard 10.6.8... can I use that DSDT.aml in Lion or have I to extract and path it under Lion?




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if it worked in 10.6.8 it should work in 10.7

10.7 needs AppleRTC.kext bin patched ( rtc reset 10.7 sleep fix)


Thank you very much man!


I've just discover that the DSDT that I've used in Snow Leopard is exactly the same of the one I've just extracted in Lion.... may be I'm wrong with the files or the DSDT I've used in Snow Leopard doesn't contains any patch...


Please, can you help me starting from scratch with the DSDT in Lion? I've tryed all my best but it seems I don't have the knowladge to do that work... :(

Here there is my S.O.S. post:


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when using a DSDT.aml in /Extra.. when u extract dsdt it will be the same in the /Extra folder as its loaded replacing the real dsdt from mobo..


have to use linux in usb or boot OS X without dsdt to extract real dsdt not patched.


when u boot linux in USB

get online then in terminal:


sudo apt-get install acpidump iasl

### or depending on linux used

sudo yum install pmtools iasl



mkdir ~/acpiinfo ; cd ~/acpiinfo

sudo acpidump > acpidump.txt

sudo acpixtract acpidump.txt

ls *.dat | while read i; do iasl -d "${i}"; done

name=`sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name`


mkdir "${name}" && cp *.dsl "${name}"/


now check your home folder for the dsdt inside a folder.. .ohh cant put it in the USB thats booted linux? dont have a second USB?

upload it to www.mediafire.com

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I've used this command to retrieve the DSDT:

perl -e 'open(CMD, "ioreg -lw0 \| grep DSDT|") or die; while(<CMD>) { chomp; if($_ =~ /\"DSDT\.?\d?\"=<([^>]*)>/) { $buff = $1; open(PIP, "|xxd -r -p > ~/Desktop/dsdt.aml") or die; print PIP "$1"; } }'


... that means that in the way I've used the generated DSDT file is just patched for my system? Can I use it or have I to do the "Linux way"?


Many thanks for your support, I really appreciate. :)

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its not patched.. if u used a dsdt with someone having patched it and u boot with it.. when u do that command, u still going to get the patched dsdt.. not the unpatched original.


the extraction of dsdt does NOT patch it.


i just noticed u said NETBOOK.. means atom processor. means u need kernel that is patched for atom.

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Ok, thanks!

Just to understand: I don't need the unpatched/original DSDT... I'd like to have the correct DSDT patched for my system so after installed the iAtkos I've execute the command I wrote and I've got the DSDT fiel on my desktop. My question is: this DSDT is the DSDT correctly patched for my system (can I just put it in /Extra?) or have I to patch it manually and then use it?

Which patch can I add and/or wich patch have I to add in order to get the sleep working?


May be my problem after upgrading to 10.7.5 combo is because I didn't change the mach_kernel before restart after the update?

Where can I find the correct atom kernel for Lion 10.7.5?




Sorry for the milion wuestions? :)

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not sure i never used iatkos.. i used kalyway in 2008 before dsdt was the way.


i havent messed with netbooks in 2 yrs. wrong person to ask.

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