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MBP - Thermal paste


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I decided to reapply the thermal paste on my MBP, and have successefully managed to do so. Now I have another annoying problem. Since Apple decided to turn up the speed on the fans with the SMC update, I would like do downgrade my firmware to 1.1, that's before the SMC update.


I tried with the offical Apple firmware restore disk, but this is only for broken macs, as i read later.


Does anyone know any hack to "downgrade" my MBP? I could live with a little warmer machine and fans that kick in a little later.


Basically the MBP now runs at 60 C when encoding video and 48 to 52 C in idle. While encoding video I can still touch the surface above the function keys, so it's great but loud under load.


Funny thing, I read somewhere about a MBP thermal mode where you disconnect the temperature sensor, and the fans go full speed non stop, I am experiencing the same thing under full load. Never had the fans run so fast before.

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