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Apple Script how to open song artwork window?

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Hi all,


with the help of eep357 in http://www.insanelym...h-osx-1058-ppc/


I finally worked out my first script on PPC 10.5.8.


the script opens iTunes and then does other stuff (see topic if interested).


Of course I can't stop there :)





So the first thing is very simple



tell application "iTunes" to activate




at the bottom left of the iTunes window, sits the "selected item" panel. When you click on this built-in feature---if and only if a song selected from the main library is playing --- the artwork window pops up, it automatically resizes and positions itself exactly as you left it the last time you closed iTunes. and it automatically shows artwork according to the song that is played. If you then play songs from a playlist, the window stays there and keeps showing the artworks. It's gorgeous.


I am desperately trying to have my script open that artwork window, then resize the iTunes main window to mini player.


I have searched and found scripts allowing clicking at certain places on the screen, but Script Editor crashes when I try to compile them.


Plus I am sure that there are much more simple ways.


Thanks a million for submitting your ideas or tips, this activity is very time consuming and I appreciate the effort.


Cheers :)

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