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HD3000 + GT640 Optimus, Intel not recognized


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Hi everybody!


I've installed iAtkos L2 on my Aspire M3-581tg that has a Intel HD3000 along with a nVidia Optimus GT640M discreete video card.


I'd really like to use at the best, at least the integrated GPU.


The only thing i've done right now is fix the device ID (right id is 0x0116) inside appleintelSNBgraphicsFB.kext info.plist.


Doing this i've been able to boot, otherwise I was getting the "SNB framebuffer did not show up, unload"


I also have to boot with GraphicsEnabler=No, otherwise the system tries to use the nVidia GPU, but seeing it with 0MB memory.


The point is that all appleintelHD* and all appleintelSNB* are in the extension folder, get no error at boot but if i look under "Graphics" in "About this Mac" I see that the Intel GPU is recognized as a generic integrated chip, 64MB total memory and NO SPECIFIC KEXT USED FOR IT.


This way i dont get Graphic Acceleration at all...


smbios and dsdt are stock (at least I didnt change them, do not know if iAtkos uses something special itself)


What can I do?? Any suggestion?



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