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Kernel Panic: "APPLEAHCIPORT" ? on hp dv6 AMD

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I am trying Hazard's SL install Intel/AMD on my hp dv6-7029wm. I first had a problem with it rebooting in an endless loop but I fixed that. Now I get a kernel panic (and I tried all the boot flags I could like arch=i386, -v, -x, legacy=on, cpus=1) about "AppleAHCIPort" what causes this and how do I fix it. I read elsewhere that changing from AHCI to IDE mode fixes this, but I can't figure out how to change it in my BIOS (stock HP bios InsydeH2O is very locked) I submitted a BIOS mod request here: http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/7033-Insyde-bios-mod-requests/page1234 but I would like to fix it for real and not have to fiddle with my BIOS because I can't afford a new comp if I break this one. It has no current OS install and I had OSX working on it once, don't remember how. BTW idf you can mod BIOSes to fix my problem just download the BIOS file in the MDL link from my post (my post has the username bloodrain and the same user pic (cat) that I have here)

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