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Help with laptop hardware..


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Hey everyone!


So I have an Acer Aspire 5100 laptop and I've managed to install Hazard 10.6.6i on it and have my audio, and regular RJ-45 Ethernet port working but I'm having a few problems with some other stuff..


1. The biggest problem I'm having and what I'm most concerned about n want to get working is my wireless Internet I'm pretty sure the wireless network card I have in my laptop is a Broadcom BCM4311 card and I've tried so many different things from searching in google and none of them worked so I'm wondering if anyone can give me some ideas of a new wireless network card to buy for my laptop that will work with Mac OS X out of the box or with a little modification..


2. The other problems I'm having are with my USB ports I got my USB port to work for my wireless mouse but that's it.. When I plug in my USB thumb drive or USB external hard drive Mac OS X doesn't recognize them so any help you guys can give me to get them working or tell me what I need to do in order for them to work would be greatly appreciated.


3. My third problem I'm having is with my CD/DVD drive.. Whenever I put in any kind of CD or DVD the drive it self winds up n starts spinning like its loading the cd or DVD but when I go to open it in the finder window it doesn't load the cd or DVD so any help on why it's not working n what I can do to get it working would be awesome..


Thanks for the help in advance.. And any suggestions you guys can give me for a new wirelesss network card for me to buy for my laptop to get wireless Internet working would be awesome since I can't get mine working for the life of me I don't mind sosneding money to upgrade n buy a new one that will for sure work so thanks again.

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