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Reinstalled Windows & no longer able to boot OS X or ######

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Darn. I had a working hackintosh and I went and broke it. Can anyone help?


I had a working setup with a Windows 7 partition and an OS X 10.7 partition on my boot drive. However I wanted to reinstall Windows. So here's what I did (please say if I should have done something different):


1) I followed 'step 2' in http://tonymacx86.bl....os-x-snow.html (as I'd already done 'step 1' and already had an OS X partition so *thought* I didn't need to do 'step 3').

2) Once the Windows 7 installer was done restarting my computer I had a working copy of Windows.

3) I then rebooted to try to boot into OS X. However I no longer saw the screen I had always seen before offering me the choice of OS X and Windows (which wasn't the Chameleon screen, but one provided by something I installed in Windows). This was expected as I'd reinstalled Windows and so wiped the boot-choice thing I'd installed in Windows.

4) So next time I rebooted from Windows I chose to boot of a freshly-burnt ###### 3.3 CD.

5) I saw the ###### screen which lets you choose what to boot from. Choosing my Windows partition worked fine. However choosing my old Mac partition didn't - I briefly saw the standard screen with a grey apple against a white background, but then my system spontaneously restarted, taking me back to the ###### screen.

6) So next time I chose ###### from this screen, thinking I might have to follow step 3 at http://tonymacx86.bl....os-x-snow.html again, or reinstall Chameleon or something. However this yielded a screen (pic below) saying 'You need to restart your computer' with errors like "panic ... unable to find driver for this platform: \"ACPI\"...


In conclusion I'm completely stuck and am unsure how to fix this without reformatting my entire drive and then following all 3 steps at http://tonymacx86.bl....os-x-snow.html from scratch. This would be a bad option. Can anyone suggest any better ones?


Thanks in advance for any help!




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