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The stuttering screen syndrome

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I have ML 10.8.2 running pretty well on my Dell Inspiron 520. The biggest issue is that I have the sluggish/laggy screen issue. I'm using an nVidia GeForce 210 AGP card and I have UseKernelCache set to "Yes" but that doesn't seem to help the issue. In searching the web for answers I've seen that some people suggest setting GraphicsEnabler to "Yes", but I've also seen posts that do not recommend this for Nvidia cards. Do you guys think I should try "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" and if so, is this set in the boot.plist or somewhere else?

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Maybe it would help if I clarified my problem with my ML system.


Sluggish/laggy screen:

- Screen drawing is slow, especially with Safari. Safari scrolling stutters and the scroll bar is visually jittery, and if I'm playing music with VLC or Spotify the audio will slow and stutter when I'm scrolling in Safari.... in fact, just hovering over the scroll bar will cause visual and audio jitters. I cannot use the Top Sites feature in Safari because opening it brings my whole system to a stop and I have to hard boot to get my system running again, and I can watch the screen drawing section by section while Top Sites tries to load. Performance is almost as bad when I open Show All Bookmarks.

- the Genie effect is noticeably slow.

- Launchpad slows my system to a crawl, and I can watch the screen drawing section by section trying to load Launchpad.

- the only screensavers that will work are Flurry and Message.

- the menu bar is not transparent (although I'm not sure whether or not this is a ML 10.8 issue).


I've tried different kexts, one supposedly from nVidia, and I've added GraphicsEnabler=Yes to my chameleon.boot.plist, but none of this has improved the video performance. This is a somewhat frustrating issue because except for this graphics problem the system is running very nicely with everything else working.

So any suggestions/tips for where I can go from here would be a big help.


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AGP cards are not supported. Only PCIe cards.


Ah, thanks for catching that... I was confusing this system with one of my other computers. This card is not AGP.


My video card is a PCIe nVidia Geforce 210.

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I've spent hours trying to resolve this issue and finally decided to try a different installation method, so I tried using this guide by tseug. It worked very nicely and it correctly identified my video card, and from the first boot I had QE/CI, so now I'm a happy hacker! :D

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