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  1. tbplayer

    kernel_task issue on Yosemite

    After a lot of chasing this problem I wiped Yosemite and installed Mavericks - no kernel_task issue and running very smooth and fast. Maybe I'll try El Capitan at a later date.
  2. tbplayer

    Very slow website.

    While the Search function is offline, you can still search for topics at the InsanelyMac Forums using a search engine like StartPage. Enter your search like this: bananas site:insanelymac.com Replace bananas with your search term and include the term site:insanelymac.com like this: hackintosh site:insanelymac.com
  3. tbplayer

    Nominal percentages for Activity Monitor

    I've discovered that I have an issue with kernel_task, so I started a thread with a more appropriate title here.
  4. I've discovered that my Yosemite Hack has the kernel_task issue - the process runs at around 100% all of the time. This issue is documented around the Web and at the Apple forums but it seems to affect users differently. Some have found solutions removing kexts, some have discovered issues with their video cables, while others have simply cleaned their fans to solve the issue. I've tried several of the fixes I found on the Web but I still don't have a solution. I've deleted the associated ACPI_SMC plist as well as the PlatformShim kext and the Metadata plist, I've reset the PRAM, I've run sync and purge, I've repaired permissions, and I've rebooted several times but I'm still seeing high kernel_task numbers. So I'm hoping that someone here has found a solution that works for me.
  5. I've been watching the activity Monitor to see how my new install of Yosemite is doing, and I was wondering what the average CPU usage percentage for both System and User is. Even at idle my System runs between 25% and 35%. User is much lower, at rest well below 10%. System seems high but I'm more familiar with Windows so maybe it's normal. Does anyone know if these figures are good/bad/great/sucky?
  6. tbplayer

    Yosemite can't boot without USB

    OK, I was able to resolve this. I reconfigured and reinstalled Clover to the EFI partition of my drive, the removed the nv_disable=1 switch. Now I can boot straight into Yosemite with 1680x1050. So I have this issue solved - you can all rest easy now.
  7. tbplayer

    Very slow website.

    Wednesday night and the forum is running nice & snappy - smoother than it has all week. Nice.
  8. tbplayer

    Very slow website.

    Another member experiencing slow forum times. Been like this for several days. Other sites load normally. Any news on this?
  9. I just installed Yosemite with Clover using a guide by a guy named rampage. It worked well and Yosemite works great, but it will only boot when I have the install USB plugged in. When I unplug the USB Yosemite gets stuck at the infamous Bluetooth error. Sounds to me like there is something - maybe video related - on the USB stick that didn't get moved to the OS drive but I'm not sure what that is. Does anyone know where to point me on this one?
  10. I wasn't sure which forum to use but since it's mainly about Mountain Lion, here goes... I have been using an ML Hackintosh for years and finally decided to set up Yosemite. I split the drive so I could install Yosemite in a new partition and still keep ML. I used Clover and the install went well, I'm using Yosemite right now. But when I reboot to use ML I have a problem - I didn't think ahead that Clover would be configured for Yosemite and not ML. Also, I was using Chameleon as a boot loader, which was configured for ML, but I obviously wiped that out when I installed Clover. So now when I try to start ML it gets stuck at "RTC: only sing..." and that's all I get. I can access the ML partition from Yosemite so I haven't lost any data, but I'd like it get a boot loader configured for dual booting. I don't know if Clover can do this - it seems like I'd need to set up an additional EFI partition for ML's use so maybe some of you Hack gurus and direct me on this. Also, Clover's boot loader screen is butt ugly! Are there themes or different backgrounds that can be used?
  11. Writes a guide then moves it from here to a server that's not available - nice. You at least could have left the original posts here with a link to the updates so folks have something to work with.
  12. Old thread, I know, but I'm using the guide to finally upgrade my old Mountain Lion to Yosemite. Pacifist won't extract the kernel for me. I can open Essentials.pkg in Pacifist and start to extract, but it stops after less than a minute with the error box "Error - The file (long file name) does not exist". Is there another app that will extract the kernel from the Essentials package? NEVERMIND!! - I found the problem - I was using an older version of Pacifist. Updated to the version 3.5.13 and all worked perfectly. Thanks for your help.
  13. I have ML 10.8.2 running well on my Dell Inspiron 580, and before I change anything I'm wondering if anyone has had any issues upgrading 10.8.2 to 10.8.5 via the AppStore?
  14. tbplayer

    Questions about smbios/boot.plist

    How do you update apps like Safari?