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How to mount my harddrive?

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Hi all,


finally I got OSX running on my PC. This forum was quite helpful fixing the problems I´ve had so far.

Now I´ve come to a point where I can´t find the answer through searching:


Before I used Linux, now I got a dual boot enivironment.

All my data is stored on harddrives which are formatted in the ext3 format.

The harddrive program (I don´t have the exact english names so I try translating the german ones) shows my two drives with all their partitions correctly. On each of the partitions the button for activation is not faded out but clicking on it has no result - at least I don´t see anything happen.

I tried mount in the terminal but it replies with

Vigor101:/dev herfson$ sudo mount disk1s5 /Volumes/hd1s5/
disk1s5 on /Volumes/hd1s5: Incorrect super block.

Another try was:

Vigor101:/usr/sbin herfson$ sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/hd1s5 /Volumes/hd1s5
mount: exec /usr/sbin/mount_ext3 for /Volumes/hd1s5: No such file or directory

but it was also of no good.


Does anybody have any ideas how to get this working?


Thanks in advance for you time.



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Thanks Neurovelho,


I found this one before, but I theems like it is not working correctly for ext3.




I don´t know where the problem is with ext3, but seems like this prog is the best possibility for now.


If anyone got another hint it would be appreciated.



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