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UVC webcam working as iSight failure. Any additional thoughts?


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I have a hp 4530s with a Sunplus 1bcf:2888 onboard webcam. According to ideasonboard.org the Sunplus 1bcf:2809 webcam that comes with the Dell 3550 *is* supported by the Linux UVC driver. But, again, I have an hp 4530, and I am *not* certain that my webcam is UVC.


At any rate, I followed the instructions in the topic "Get your UVC webcam working as an Apple iSight". For some reason, I can not post to that page so I am starting a new thread.


I followed the directions to the letter, editing (hexadecimal) and installing the AnyiSightCam.kext file to S/L/E. In 'About my Mac' the webcam now shows up as a 'Built-in iSight". Unfortunately, the webcam doesn't function with kext installed. The reason I went through this process in the first place is because I was hoping to fix the FaceTime issue that others here have complained about; looking very pixelated… like 10x the normal size… that, and the image gets very jumpy.


Photobooth doesn't recognize the webcam either.


Anyway, I have removed the kext and I'm back where I started... pixelated FaceTime.


Can anyone confirm that my webcam is UVC, and is there anything else I can do aside from the above to get my pc to recognize this camera?


Thanks in advance for any help.





hp 4530s i7 2670QM/2.20 GHz (LJ521UT#ABA)

MountainLion 10.8.2

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