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I have the next problem:

I am running ML 10.8.2 in vmware workstation. It is working fine. I am trying to sync my iPhone with iTunes over wifi (connecting iPhone with cable works fine, ML detects it and it sync fine in iTunes). How can I get it to work over wifi (iPhone and ML are on the same network, although ML is over ethernet but that shouldn't be the problem)?


This is what I have done so far:

Since Apple uses Bonjour services to communicate with their devices I figured I can look into that. So when I look what kind of Bonjour services my PC can see (with some kind of bonyour browser) I see this http://www.pohrani.c...Hsn/windows.png (on my ML iTunes is running and Home Sharing is enabled). Now when I run some kind of Bonjour browser on ML I see this http://www.pohrani.c...ni2CbKg/mac.png so I assume everything is fine here.

Now when I connect my iPhone to my wifi I get this on my PC http://www.pohrani.c...swithiphone.png (that thing on top is my iPhone) but when I run Bonyour browser on ML I don't see the iPhone so I am assuming this is the problem why I can't sync over wifi.


What do I need to do? Do I need to check with MLs virtual settings in vmware (http://www.pohrani.c...orksettings.png). Maybe do some portforwarding in my router?



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I use WiFi sync to all my iOS devices without any issues. The only thing I can think of off hand is that I have my virtual network adapter set to 'bridge mode' not the default of NAT, that way my OSX VM has its own IP address on the network. I didn't have to mess with anything else, router or otherwise. Also, you probably already know this but you do have to establish a 'wired' connection to iTunes and then check the box for enabling WiFi sync.

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