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Need help with front panel audio jack (2009 mac pro)


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I've gotten a 2009 mac pro front audio panel I'm trying to connect to an asus maxiums Iv gene z motherboard and get the usb, front audio, power switch and led working. so far, only the audio jack is giving me problems. (usb dont seem to work with thumbdrives but work with mice so far). I followed this accurate pinout diagram from aquamac



a few weeks ago, I tried connecting the audio jack of the front panel to the motherboard header on a asus maximus iv gene Z but there's no sound despite reconnecting many times, reinstalling the audio drivers many times, playing around with audio output. Because the mac pro's front audio isn't wired for audio sensing, so if it works, there will be audio output from both sources ( headphones connected to rear audio jack and headphones on the front audio jack)then suddenly it worked.but now, after doing some soldering to shorten the wires, nothing seems to work again, the exact same audio pinout followed. i've used a multimeter to double check that the wires have not broken in anyway and they are properly connected.The only thing I've changed is that, this time round, only the 3 necessary pins are inserted into the audio header (L, R and ground), previously, all of the pins, including those not connected are inserted into the header.



i used a multimeter to see if there is any current flowing at the audio jack and turns out, there is.so i dont think it's a hardware problem.

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