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Hi there, I believe that my question is valid and follows guidelines of this forum, apologies in advance if it is in the wrong place or anything else.

Well I recently updated my PC and am really eager to make a Hackintosh out of it. I didn't buy the parts with a Hackintosh in mind but it would be awesome if I could get it working. Please excuse my lack of knowledge in this area as I have only started looking into it and found this forum in the hope of some real help, information and advice.


My main question is, with my specs is it possible to get a stable OSX 10.8 running on my PC, even better if someone with this setup has already done it.



CPU - intel i5 3570

GPU - Radeon HD 7850

Mobo - Will update this as I cannot check for at least a day and do not remember!


I am willing to do all the required research to get it working, I just thought I better ask first in case there is no possibility in the first place.

Thanks very much.

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