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Update to 10.8.2 hang before GUI


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My configuration:


GTX 560 (non-Ti)

2 monitor setup


Up until now I had a fully working 10.8.0 install with nothing more than a DSDT, FakeSMC with no plugins and Disabler in Extra, GraphicsEnabler=YES and VoodooHDA in /S/L/E.


Due to a mix of curiosity and divine perturbation, I up(down)graded to 10.8.2 via software update and now I'm stuck right before it should start the GUI. I can SSH into it, but not VNC. I tried with PCIRootUID=0, nothing. Added my GPU's device ID in NVGFHAL1000's info.plist, nothing (although it says that NVGFHAL is loaded during bootup). I can boot with -x, but that's pretty much it. Also, if I remove GraphicsEnabler I get a KP.


Have no idea what to do.

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