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Hey guys, well, OS X crashed in a fiery hell of taking down my research paper with it.


Anyway, I compiled HFS+ mounting support into my Linux kernel, mounted the drive, got my paper, and got a B :D

But, now I'm without OS X. And I was getting ready to install when I realized that I really put some effort into getting it the way I like it, with some nice apps and settings and such. So anywayz, I want to re-install via VMware, but I don't want to have to re-configure it. So I was wondering, since I can mount the HFS+ volume in Linux, if I can copy over a certain directory, install OS X, then copy that directory back over to OS X so my settings take effect again. Or would I basically copy over all the directories, and replace the ones in the freshly installed OS X with the ones I backed up?


Any thoughts?

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