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USB sound issues with skype


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Hello and thank you for looking at my thread! :)


I am using a usb sound card and have great results for sound when playing movies or watching videos or in app or game sound.


The issue I have is with skype using the microphone.

My system is dual boot and if I use Windows 7 skype using the same head set and same usb sound card then I have no issues.

When I use it on my OSX 10.8.2 setup I run into issues.

I can hear everyone just fine and for the 1st 5-20 minutes they hear me fine also but after a time my voice breaks down badly and my listeners are hit with loud static. I then have to turn the mic off via the headset for some minutes before the noise stops and I can talk again.


I have tried the general internet for a solution but other than changing the kext or driver there is nothing.


If anyone has a suggestion or knows of a different kext I can try then I would be most grateful!

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