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Any suggestion for an ALC889 PCI-E soundcard?


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Hey guys,


I've encountered a small issue. I have a Realtek ALC889 soundcard but it's not soldered to the motherboard; It comes as a PCI-E card. So the existing ALC889 Kexts install but audio is EXTREMELY weak and outputs alot of static.


My mobo is an MSi Big Bang X-Power board and it comes with the soundcard as a PCI-E card.


Does anyone else have the same/similar system; either this MSi board or another with their soundcard seperate as a PCI-E card?


Any suggestions how to add support for this? I'm currently using a patched DSDT (which eep357 helped edit), so the appropriate settings for the chipset itself are intact 100%....it's now adding the PCI-E layer to it....which is what i'm guessing.....or it's something else....I don't know. :)


Any input is appreciated.

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